SlideView : a Facebook-like panel for Windows Phone

I am a great fan of the official Facebook app on Windows Phone. It introduced a new set of controls, halfway between Windows Phone design and what is seen on other platforms.

There are especially 2 behaviors – or controls – that I love :

  • The sliding panels, left to right, to access navigation or chat
  • The disappearing header, depending on your scroll (down or up), to send a message or photo

So I told myself, Cyril, you like to create new controls, you like the ones in the FB app, why not try and mimic them into a brand new lib to share with the world ?



Here comes the SlideView library, or the « Facebook app inspired library » :)

It contains several controls :

  • The SlideView, a control allowing to slide between panels (2 or many more)
  • The SlideApplicationFrame, a control to use at top app level and packaged to display 3 panels with navigation occuring in the middle panel
  • The AutoHideBar, a control which is displayed when scrolling up in a list, and hidden when scrolling down

How to get the bits ?

Simple ! Two ways :

How does it work ?

The source code on codeplex contains some samples to see how it works. The main page also describes how to integrate controls in XAML.

I hope you’ll enjoy, and if you have suggestions, do no hesitate to comment this post, or just tweet it !